this week..

i FINALLY got out of the house. and felt good while doing so.

i bought my first maternity clothes. the pants are the most comfy pants i think i have EVER owned.

j & i drove to wilsonville to buy a crib and changing table off of craigslist. yay!

i craved red lobster and convinced j to take me there. i ate the salmon. c:

ripley got to take his cone off. finally. (he got neutered on the 3rd)

i went to work more days than not.

i started to feel the baby move. (we find out what we're having on tuesday!)

we discovered that saving money from eating at home means a bigger natural gas bill.

we watched all 6 harry potter films. (yay for number 7!)

we babysat an adorable almost 5 month old little boy for 9 hours. j got to change his first diaper, ever!

i have been craving cheeto's but am too lazy to go to the store to buy some.

we get to celebrate a lovely little girl's first birthday!

we made gluten-free & wheat-free biscuits. purely on accident.

we will order our new christmas stockings.

i hope to eat at pueblo viejo.

i am very grateful for my wonderful, adoring husband and everything he does for me. and ripley.

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  1. Exciting!! Can't wait to see you sometime soon Lacey!! We need to get on the girls night thing for Lindsey! :)


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