pregnancy woes

you may or may not know that i am pregnant. 15 weeks as of sunday. j & i are both extremely excited!

as excited as we both are, i am even more excited to get past this all-day-long-sickness that i have been dealing with for the past month and a half now. since the beginning of september, i have been throwing up almost every day and if i'm not throwing up, i am dealing with extreme nausea all day long. i definitely have not been enjoying my pregnancy thus far. being stuck at home sounds great, but when it's every day and the only contact you have with anyone during the day is your dog or your doctor's office it's not. i am so over this phase of pregnancy. that is, if it's only a phase and not going to last the entire 9 months (please, no).

anywho, i have been able to do some searching online for some things that i want for the nursery and i have come to the realization that i have expensive tastes and need to take them down a notch! c: instead of searching for cribs and things on sites like babies r us or target, i head straight for pottery barn kids or land of nod. big price difference. and then, because i searched at the more expensive places first, the bar was set high for all of our nursery needs. i know, i know. i need to be practical, and when it comes the time to actually purchase these things, i'm sure i will do just that.

i leave you with a few pictures of things that i am completely obsessed with as of now:

all images via pottery barn kids. yes, i am obsessed. c:

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