i realize that it has been since january, i think, since anything has been posted on this blog. i also realize this makes me a bad blogger.

like i mentioned in january, we found our house. scheduled close date is may 25th, if all goes as planned (fingers crossed). that means, we'll be moving sometime in june probably. that also means we are becoming adults and have to buy a washer and dryer and another television. we can't live with just one telly.

i'm at work right now, supposed to be eating my lunch that my wonderful husband made for me, and instead, i am sitting here in the clerical break room, on a computer. do i not get enough computer time while sitting at my desk? apparently not.

the past couple of months have been filled with stress, jewelry parties, work and some relaxing time spent at home with j. (those are my favorite days, the relaxing ones.)

i won't bore you any longer, i just wanted to inform you that yes, i am still alive and yes, i will be posting more frequently. in fact, i hope to post some pictures of the house this week!

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