as i promised..

since i am home sick today, i thought i would post some pictures of our house.

this is the first pic we took that you can actually tell it is starting to look like a house.

here you can tell the house has two levels!

now it has an actual roof on it.

here is the most recent. it's got siding and everything! at this point, it has been sheetrocked and is ready to be painted.
only a few more weeks left, and then we close! we can not WAIT to move in!


  1. Ooh how exciting!! Thanks for posting these Lacey!! Can't wait to see it all set up! Let me know if you want help moving. :)

  2. How exciting, I wish I was building a new house... LUCKY! :)

  3. so exciting!! Happy Friday! Have a great sunny weekend!


thanks for the input!