my happy post

there are many things in life that make people happy. i have come to the conclusion that i need to do more things in my life that make me happy.
a few months ago i visited the doctor and she told me that i don't get enough vitamin d.
apparently, that tends to happen to us oregonians.
so, she prescribed me some vitamin d (which makes me happier) and for a while, i took it religiously.
and now, i don't.
so, to start off my list of things i will do this year that make me happy:
.:take my vitamin d every day:.
.:plant flowers:.
.:really start to develop my card and inviation-making hobby:.
.:leave posts on naomi's and nicole's and kathleen's pages:.
.:take more pictures:.
.:paint a room:.
.:read some inspiring stories:.
.:find a good church for me and go:.
.:make girl's night an every month kind of thing and actually do it:.
.:try to make dinner 5 of the 7 nights in the week:.
.:laugh with my husband:.
.:play balderdash with my brother, sister and husband:.
.:listen to one song by either jars of clay, dc talk, third day or falling up, every day:.
.:go for walks or hiking:.
.:puppies! need i say more?:.
.:eat better:.
.:visit family in canada and go to victoria:.
.:email my cousins that live all over the states more regularly:.
i think that's a good start, don't you?
before i forget, one other thing that makes me happy, and i'm pretty sure we'll be doing this soon:
buy a house!
we're looking. and we may have found IT!

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