fingers crossed

there are times in life where i feel like nothing is going my way. case in point:

we have been houseshopping for the last oh, i'd say, month. after looking at twenty houses, we found the one! we were beyond thrilled and put an offer in the following day. we had our families come out to view it and after deciding that they were all pleased by our decision, we were even happier. we had to wait longer than anticipated to hear word from the seller if they were going to counter, because we put our offer in right around martin luther king jr. day. that was hard. and it became even harder when our realtor told us the seller wasn't going to budge on their asking price. now, here is where why we were so upset. the house had a tiny yard, that wasn't finished mind you AND it had been sitting empty since it had been built, for about 2 years. to not be willing to come down on their offer even a tiny bit was beyond frustrating. we talked with our potential lender and our realtor and we realized that this house wasn't going to be a possibility for us with that price point.

j kept telling me how we should be looking at this as a sign that this house wasn't meant to be. i understood where he was coming from, i just had a hard time realizing that he was right. i was disappointed. VERY disappointed. i get attached to things super easily, and this was one of those things. we had already started furniture shopping (bad idea) and had found the perfect dining room table and chairs for that house.

when we decided that this house wasn't an option any longer, my heart broke. j comforted me by driving us up to portland to ikea to get ourselves a nice little chair and an end table, that we so desperately needed. the very next day, our realtor called and emailed us a list of about 30 houses to go through and choose which one(s) we would like to walk through. we chose 2 of 30. she immediately decided that she was going to show us 4. THANK HEAVENS!

the first two were lovely little houses, in the same area as the house we had originally put an offer on. both would have easily worked for us and for the phase of life that we are in. both, basically, were in a tie. one needed new floors throughout the main living areas and one needed all new kitchen cabinetry. she took us out to an area that we weren't sure if we wanted to live in, it seemed a little farther away. one we got there however, we fell in LOVE! the model home was gorgeous. the two houses that were almost ready to move in to weren't quite what we were expecting BUT we put a reservation down on a lot that is supposed to start breaking ground this week or next. since this house hasn't been built yet and there are no plans on it yet, we get to choose a lot of the options for the house, where the others we couldn't. and the best thing: we will only have one house next to us. none behind, none in front of and none to the right of us. just a lovely little pasture behind us with cows and a walking trail and and a grassy area for the community! we are beyond thrilled!!

hopefully everything goes according to plan and we'll be m oving there in approximately 5 months!

this was just another testament as to how great God is!

[we'll be getting a dog then as well!]


  1. how awesome! I walked through a house yesterday that I don't want to be so attached to, but I love it! It's older and has a lot of charm and things you don't see in newer houses, even if it is really small. :)

  2. Just be happy you GET to house shop :)! haha So jealous...


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