8 days away!

christmas is just barely over a week away,
and we still have yet to watch rudolph and the misfit toys!
we're only slacking a little bit. c:
that reminds me,
we need to watch polar express as well!
oh my, all these christmas movies, so little time!

for some reason, i am finding it very difficult to get all of my shopping done.
i still have gifts to buy, and i haven't even wrapped all of the gifts i've already gotten.
it seems like christmas just snuck up on me this year,
and i need to get it in gear.

i am also slacking on the gifts for my co-workers.
i took the 'do-it-yourself-gifts' route this time and my land!
it's taking a lot longer than i thought it would.
hopefully everything will be done and wrapped by wednesday of next week.
and, i procrastinated on ordering my holiday cards this year.
so, the lucky few that are receiving one probably won't be seeing it before christmas.
oh well, better late then never, right? c;

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