i haven't blogged in a while. the reason being that i was awaiting a picture from my sister to post from our halloween party this year. alas, i have yet to receive it. so, no picture today.

my new job is going quiet wonderful, if i do say so myself. i have gotten up to typing 10 tapes a day, which i think is pretty spectacular, and i am remembering more and more of the client's names! i am also on the party planning least for this year's christmas party. i'm actually really excited about it. i didn't get to do quite what i had planned for inviations, the party is on the ninth and we leave on friday for hawaii, so it wouldn't work out for me to go hardcore on invites this year. maybe someday in the future?

as i mentioned above, we leave in 4 days for hawaii. i'm not excited about it yet. i think it's because thanksgiving hasn't even come and gone. thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. i am very much looking forward to it. it's hard to get excited about a vacation when your favorite holiday isn't even over! hopefully by the time friday rolls around i'll be a little more pumped. i'm sure it will all start to hit me when i begin packing all of the warm weather clothes tomorrow. can you believe that i am pulling out all of my summer dresses, swimsuits and flip flops when it's the end of november? i surely can't.

another reason why hawaii isn't exciting yet is the fact that it's not a typical vacation with my hubs. it's definately a vactaion, and we are definately going to enjoy partaking in justin's brother's wedding, and yet we don't really have much else going on while we are there. i think that's my main issue. we've been to this island before, and i'm not sure what else there is left for me to do. oh well, we'll figure something out when we get there.

i hope everyone has as great of a thanksgiving that you can possibly have! i'll be sure to thank God for all of the wonderful things in my life that i am thankful for. c; hopefully when we get back from vacay, i'll have some pictures taken with my own camera that i can post, so my blog doesn't look so naked.

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