we had a lovely time in portland! we stayed at the heathman hotel, which was beautiful. i recommend the heathman to anyone that would like to stay at a fancy hotel, right in beautiful downtown portland.
on friday night, we walked to the melting pot for dinner. it was a gorgeous night, beautiful for walking. for those of you that haven't been to the melting pot, it's an incredibly tasty fondue restaurant. we loved it! i think it may be one of our favorite spots to eat in portland!
they took a picture of us while we were there, and had it framed for us. we also got a bouquet of roses, which were gorgeous!

the picture above is the view from the pittock mansion. a gorgeous house on top of a north portland hill. it costs to tour it, but it's totally worth the
this picture of us is also at the pittock mansion.
this is justin [pretending] washing his hands in the kitchen of the pittock mansion.

note the fake food on the table!

the beautiful pittock mansion. i highly recommend seeing it.

it's definately one of a kind!


  1. I want to visit portland so bad. I only hear wonderful things about that place.

  2. you should visit, it's completely worth it.


thanks for the input!