the last month or so

we've been pretty busy lately. not with anything too important, just staying busy. in the month of august we did a couple things that we were lucky enough to document with pictures. those pictures are below:
we had the pleasure of baby-sitting a lovely one year old boy named jaiden. he is the son of a friend of mine from school, and he is just the cutest little man. we were very happy to watch him and be entertained by his curious mind.
::justin and i decided to wake up early one sunday morning to go to the art & air festival, where they have the fascinating event of hot air ballooning. the balloon, or envelope as the announcer called them, with the chess piece was the first one to get filled up and take off. you can see in the second picture, the flame that is heating up the air inside the balloon, and getting it ready to stand up. in the last picture, there are three balloons in it, all in different stages of the hot air balloon process. it was my favorite picture that i took, seeing as how my camera batteries died immediately after that picture was taken. all in all, we saw 18 balloons inflate and take off that early morning. we have decided that it will be a yearly tradition for us. next year, we'll start with the night glow on friday night and then do at least one morning of the lift-offs. maybe we'll even arrange a ride in one, i know i'd love to do that. justin isn't as agreeable.::
::other than those two events, we've just been busy with work, and other miniscule things. although we did get to meet ryan and chelsea's 6 mo. old, ethan the same morning of the hot air balloon, and then attended the state fair the following evening.
i happen to really enjoy the state fair, and this year i had someone with me that was willing to ride the rides. justin doesn't like fair rides, which is common with a lot of people i know, but chelsea was willing. we rode the scrambler, super orbiter, and sinbad. then, for the ferris wheel, justin and ryan joined us. after the super orbiter both chelsea and i realized we had really bad headaches, and i was feeling a little uneasy. i couldn't even drive home that night. but i did manage to eat an elephant ear and did so enjoyably.::
::we had a good time last night, bowling with alicia and kyle. we wanted to go see 'disctric 9' after, but apparently fandango lies and gave me false showtimes so we decided to go home and watch ' the thin red line'. it was ok, nothing special. and!! george clooney, was only in it for about 3 minutes, a complete disappointment seeing as how the box made it seem like he would have a larger role. and the night before my sister and her boyfriend, and my brother and his friend all came over to our house to play some games. we played balderdash, where the favorite word was 'kakkerlak', due to cody's definition of 'the sound the kakkerlakker beast makes while chasing his prey'. we then played a game of scattergories, which was still fun, but not as fun as balderdash.::
::today has been a lazy day, due to justin getting up early to golf with a college buddy of his, kent, and me waking up and not feeling all that well. so, for two days in a row, it is now almot 5:30 and i have yet to get out of my pj's. today i have an excuse of feeling icky so that makes it seem less silly. tonight or tomorrow may present a time to see 'disctrict 9', but we'll see what happens.::
(ps. blogger is seriously irritating me in how, for some ridiculously stupid reason, i can't post with seperate paragraphs anymore. so, in my frustration, i have decided to use ::'s as paragraph beginnings and endings.)

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  1. the art and air festival! So Saturday, they flew right over our fields and landed in the field next to ours, it was ridiculous...ridiculously amazing.


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