family time!

i realize it has been over a month that i have updated but i have been sort of busy. we had a family renion, which was long over due, i thought! a wedding to attend, working, and just enjoying the hot weather. so here's a few pictures from my family reunion, which was held partly at the oregon coast.

lovely sea lions. lovely, and yet stinky, loud and rude! they steal the fisherman's bait all the time.
clockwise from left: jonathan, luke, derek, dave, jess, tonya, anthony and wilbur. [at mo's]

again, clockwise from left: les, caroline, becky, esme, jackson, brian, tonya and helen. [at mo's]

and once more, clockwise from left: robyn, chad, mel, annette, addison, ish, soleil and ledru. [at mo's]
this is a picture of justin at the newport bay.
all in all we had a really good time. there are a few people missing from the pictures, such as: emily, sandy, rachel, val, dad, and myself. as well as the few that weren't able to make it to the coast, but caught up with us back in the valley. i wish we lived closer, or had the means to visit each other more often. every 4 years just doesn't cut it.

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