so right now i'm listening to jim breur on the comedy channel. justin thinks he is hilarious, and apparently so do i! he's really good at making things that everyone experiences really funny!!

tonight we drove to mallard creek golf course. justin had never been there before and he's thinking about golfing there on sunday so he kind of needed to know how to get there. so, we took a nice little drive out into the middle of nowhere. it was nice to spend a little time together outside of the house.

lately i've been into the sims 3. we bought it along with the new computer, and i've been playing it quite a bit lately. it's really addicting. really.

so yeah. that's about it. i haven't been doing much else really. i'm thinking about making some cookies tomorrow, and in the near future i'd really like to get back into making cards and scrapbook pages and stuff really artsy fartsy. so maybe i'll look for some paper tomorrow to start doing that again.

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