well, i finally bought myself a dress for my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law's wedding that will take place in december, in hawaii. it's a periwinkle blue, and i love it! justin bought a lovely suit for him to wear when he has to venture to court for his clients. tomorrow we're taking another little road trip to salem to pick up his altered suit, and hopefully to find some nice silver sandals to wear with my new dress. there's supposed to be a sale, cross my fingers!

then we're off to dinner with his family for an early father's day celebration.

i seem to have failed to mention that we painted one of the spare rooms, asparagus green!

the bed will be painted a different color, it's just the prior color from my old bedroom theme. the trim will be re-painted white, and the inside of the closet will be a mustard seed yellow. it should be done soon, hopefully before all of my family comes to visit in july!

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