new shoes!

so we went shopping yesterday, and i found these lovely sandals to go with my new dress! and the great thing was..FREE! nordstrom is the best place in the world to shop. i mentioned a few posts ago that my jessica simpson heels were discolored due to water stains. nordstrom took them back, placed the original value back on our card, we re-purchased them for HALF THE PRICE! THEN..i bought these sandals with the left-over money and some old b-day money we found while cleaning out my old room. so not really free, but basically, since we didn't have to spend any money from our bank accounts. awesome!we spent today with my mom's side of the family. we had a good time. watched some golf, and watched kasey kahne win at sonoma. now we're waiting for my dad to come home to spend some time with him. yay!

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