we have decided that we are going to try making new meals, to add to our very small list of items we make on a regular basis. the following meal was very, very simple, yet quite pleasing to the tastebuds.
we had breaded and baked chicken drumsticks. much better for you, i believe, than fried chicken. yet, with the same consistency. yummy!
this item was from a box. oops! i didn't feel like making homemade rice, so i used rice a roni. it's herbs and butter flavor.
this is a white bean salad. i'm not sure i'm a huge fan, but justin loves it. so much so, he's requested it again tonight! not a problem, it's such a quick salad to whip up. plus, it's chock full of protein. the chicken and the bean salad recipes were found from it's a very helpful food blog. she's so creative!

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