i've been feeling the need to re-decorate a room. whether it be a bathroom, bedroom, or a spare room that could potentially be a nursery (no, i am not pregnant, just getting a jump-start!), i need a creative outlet. i've been doing a lot of web browsing for ideas. right now i have a tendency to lean towards greys. and deep browns. i can't do every room in greys, although i would love to. i also like light blues with creams and browns, for a bathroom. i'm thinking that for a spare room (nursery) light greens, creams, yellows, warm oranges, or basically any gender neutral color that is calming and inviting.
for me, it seems that searching for nursery ideas is much more fun than searching for bedroom ideas. nurseries are just so much cuter, and you can let your imagination run wild! i have decided that i will NOT be doing one main theme. i don't want to walk into a child's room and think, "oh, jungle!" or "oh, butterflies!". i'd like to think, "oh, peaceful and calming. not overpowering." for a while there, i was leaning towards a classic winnie-the-pooh room. i've bought a teddy bear, hats, blanket, towel, and a dish&spoon set. nothing that would need to be used for the decorating part of the room though, thank goodness. i'm thinking, natural colors and organic fabrics. maybe.

for a quick fix to use up some of my creative juices however, i've decided to try my hand at needle felting. hopefully i don't fail at it, and it ends up being something i enjoy.

maybe this new potential hobby could be used to make a mobile for a nursery? the blue bird will be my first attempt.

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