finally sun!

it's been about a month since i last posted. and yet, i still don't really have anything that exciting to mention.

i will say that this week has been weird, weather-wise. saturday, sunday and monday all beautiful days. so nice that i even went outside and played some bocce ball with my husband on saturday. not a usual thing for me, but fun nonetheless. he says that i made a come-back in the game, but i don't feel like it is really a come-back unless i win, and i didn't. i lost 12-9. pity.

i've been picking daffodils from my front yard and some other little purple flower that i'm not quite sure what it is, but it's pretty. they get to sit in a nice little blue vase that my aunt gave me one year on my windowsill. until they die, that is. then they get put in the garbage. but they're nice to look at until that time comes.

yesterday was a beautiful day. i even wore some bermuda shorts. not typical for the first part of april. luckily, i took a pair of jeans and some tenni's with me to work. before i knew it, the weather turned into normal oregon april weather, lots of clouds and wind. my little brother had a baseball game last night and i told my mom i would be there. it's not often that i attend these games. i'm not big on sitting in the cold, watching boys in highschool play sports, but i went. and froze. and watched the other team get 12 runs on us within the first 2 innings. i watched my brother bat twice, first a double-play, then a strike-out, and decided it was much too cold and the game wasn't going anywhere, so i went home.

i believe i've lost a tiny bit of weight, not much to be proud of. i just noticed that after washing one of the two pairs of jeans that fit me, they were a little loose on me. not normal for just coming out of the wash. hopefully i can stick with this portion-control i've been trying and maybe they'll get even a little bit more loose. i'll keep my fingers crossed.

my hubby and i bought a coffee table a few weeks ago, and it is now in our living room. it looks a little silly, seeing as how nothing goes together in there, and the coffee table looks gigantic compared to our little loveseat and chair but it's the first purchase towards our new (hopefully) furnished living room. i'm just a little excited to buy a couch next. maybe more than a little. okay, a lot excited.

also a few weeks ago we went bookstore browsing. used books, i might add. i ended up buying 'to kill a mockingbird', 'timeline', and a double feature 'the last tycoon and the great gatsby'. i just finished a book by tana french titled, 'in the woods'. slow beginning, good middle, then a little slow, then good again, and then hmph. i'm not thrilled with the ending. i'm actually disappointed. a few other books that i finished recently: 'the godmother'-very good, 'the year of fog'-a little redundent but good, 'the glass castle'-lovely read, 'comeback'-touching, and, i hate to admit, but i got sucked into the hoopla of 'twilight'. i decided to buy myself the first one, read it, and hated it. it just seems to me that the author has no thought process when she's writing. i feel like i'm reading something a highschooler might write for their CAM or SIM. i would NOT recommend that one. nor do i want to see the movie.

i have come to the conclusion that i am an addict. to jamba juice razzmatazz and ocean spray white cran peach. i guess it's better that i'm addicted to those rather than to coffee, or booze, or drugs, right? the only problem is: jamba juice is at least 30 minutes away. far too long of a drive for an every day thing. meaning, i go through withdrawals. and i'm addicted to buying clothing from victoria's secret. that's an expensive addiction. that's okay though, my husband keeps me under control.

nothing new to say about work. same ole, same ole.

i'd like to get away for a little bit. i was hoping to be going to canada in may, for a friend's wedding, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. we decided if we went, we weren't being very responsible or rational. we need to be saving our $ for when we absolutely HAVE to go to hawaii in december. justin's brother is getting married, and justin is a groomsman. i'm very happy for them that they are getting married, and i'm very happy that we are able to go and everything, i just wish the wedding wasn't in hawaii. it's a lot of money, you see. money that we don't really have to be spending on a big vacation like that at this point in our lives. i'd like to be spending that money on couches, and tables, and a car. but alas, i should just be happy for them and feel lucky that we get to go to hawaii. i'm just a pessimist. i get it from mi padre. (that's my dad in espanol) some people might even call me surly. ;)

i guess there was more to say than i thought. hopefully i can find the camera cord and then got some lovely pictures up here of our weather and daffodils and fun things that we do on a regular basis!

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