once again, i'm sick.

well, it has happened again, i'm sick. i think i am finally on the downside of it, which i am very relieved about. i missed four days of work this week, so this next week is going to be all about catching up. i'm ok with that. hopefully i'll make up for all the hours i missed this week by going in early and staying late.

my birthday was a lot of fun. i went to dinner with some friends, had a lovely little trip at the coast, ate my confetti-cupcakes, and went to the roadhouse sans the sherfy's, but i ate a good meal with my dad and husband, nonetheless. i didn't get the puppy that i wanted. i was sad about it, but i think i'm finally over it. it was silly of me to go to petfinder.com and look for a dog. i know that i'm not going to get one while i am still living here in my dad's house and i shouldn't be upset about it either. we've got a pretty sweet deal living here, and i don't want to do anything that could jeopardize that. so instead of a dog, my dad gave me a pretty nifty cd player that is ipod compatible. i'm very happy with that!

that following weekend, justin and i went to dessert at justin's parents' house. we had sin-pie. lovely delicious. i was given some wonderful gifts: some gift cards to old navy, a scarf, an itunes card, get smart on dvd, friends season 2, and a cute little tiered-dish set for appetizers. yes, wonderful gifts. the time spent at my in-laws wasn't bad either. there have been some issues that have come up that have made me uncomfortable in their house, and i'm trying to resolve the issues. i'm still uncomfortable, maybe a little more so now because everyone knows, but i'm hopeful that things will be better.

i can't seem to find my cord for my camera to load pictures onto my computer so here's a picture from last year at the coast. it's the same place we went to this year.

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