it's really 2009 already? seems like the year just flew on by. i know, i know. every year someone says that. well this year i decided to say it. haha.

we had a good celebration. justin and i invited quite a few people over to our house, but only 4 turned up, which was fine. we had a good time with them. we played some apples to apples, and sequence. then put in the scene it game for xbox. justin's friend just bought the new sing-a-long game for the xbox and they played a little of that. i'm too shy to sing in front of people. but that's ok, they sounded good.

i made way too much food. little smokies in bbq sauce, caramel corn, cookies, spinach dip with sourdough bread, cheese and crackers. i even bought stuff for fondue, although we didn't get around to doing that. we had plenty of drinks to go around as well. pineapple juice, orange juice, milk, and soda were our mixers of course. i believe the main drinks that were made consisted of: rum & coke, liquid caramel, screwdrivers, and my favorite caribbean pineapple. it is by far the best. oh, and we had champagne of course. although, i'm not that fond of it. something doesn't taste right about it.

i'm at work now, which i know is very irresponsible of me to be updating this when i should be working but i can't help myself. my boss isn't here, and there is only two more things left for me to do. 1::finish an invoice, but i'm waiting on a response from someone at the warehouse, i'm not quite sure how they want me to fill it out and, 2::do a consignment invoice. but once again, i'm waiting for someone from another company to fax me back their signature and number so that i can actually do it.

the last one apparently has to get done today, but how am i supposed to do it if there is no signature, you ask? well, i can't. so i'm trying to waste some time. i don't know what else to do.

i hope you had as lovely a new year as i did. have a great rest of the week.
[yes, kristen. i mean you, since you are the only one i know that reads this ;)]

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