ah, sunday

today is sunday. a day for rest. and boy did i do that. i haven't been to church in ages, and i feel awful about that. i can't bring myself to get up early enough on one of the two days of the week i actually get to sleep in with my husband. i know, it's a pathetic excuse but one nonetheless.

this month hasn't been so bad, but i guess it isn't over yet! we had a family birthday to celebrate, i got new running shoes and workout pants so i can actually do what i've been telling myself to do for years, went furniture shopping, made a resolution to only eat out two meals a week (which is very difficult for us), finally learned how to do consignment reports at work, justin started working his three days a week in the lebanon office, and i know there's more, but it's left me for the moment.

now that kristen and kayla's birthdays are here, that means that mine is only a month away. i'm not sure this year that i want a party. i told that to my mother-in-law and father-in-law and they don't seem so thrilled about it. it seems like that is just something unrealistic to ask, since ever since they've been a family, this is what they do: the birthday boy or girl chooses a meal that my mother-in-law prepares, her mom and brother come for dinner, the birthday person opens their gifts, dessert is had with singing of the song, and everyone sits around and plays games. i however would like to just go to dinner with my dad ( &robert and jason from church, since jason's birthday is two days before or after mine) and justin, then stop by my mom's for a confetti cake dessert and gifts and playing video games in the other room with my brother and sister, go to the coast with justin for the weekend, and that's it. no party. i'm just tired of em. is that selfish of me to ask?

so on friday night we rented two movies and a video game. movie 1: max payne. ehh, not so good. movie 2: mirrors. gave me nightmares last night, so i didn't like it. i suggest no one rent it if they want to look in mirrors, or windows, or puddles of water again. video game: mirror's edge. justin is obsessed with it. he's on chapter 9 now. and it's basically the same thing over and over. jump from one building to the next. run away from people. yada yada yada.

my grandma was taken to the hospital yesterday. we were supposed to have some cousins come meet us for lunch today, but since she's in the hospital it doesn't look like that is going to happen. that's ok, just so long as my grandma gets better.

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