xmas is almost here!

yay! i am so ready for christmas. it's my favorite time of year! i really wish that christmas decorations were socially acceptable for more than a month. it seems silly to take all of the time and energy to get a tree, decorate it, hang lights on your house, all just for a month. and then take them all right back down. it's very unfortunate. meanwhile, i have almost all of my christmas shopping done for the year. just a few more gifts, here and there, to purchase and wrap, and everything will be ready. we are having a very unconventional christmas eve dinner this year. normally we would be with justin's parents on the eve, and do their dinner and open gifts, but justin's brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law are going to hawaii this year. so instead, we are spending the eve with my mom's family, at my aunt and uncles. and since my aunt has to work, we are having mexican food. (sidenote: i have basically been diagnosed with ibs so mexican food is no longer my cup of tea.) also, we are doing a white-elephant gift exchange but with new gifts. if i do say so myself, my gift is rather awesome. i'd love to get it back for myself. then for the actual day that christ was born, we will be with my dad's family. which will be nice and cozy. and since we won't be spending eve with justin's parents we will do that on the 27th. so that will be mega-wierd. but most likely fun.

that's about all i've got to post for now. work is good, home is good, life is good.

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