good weekend to be had by all

today we are getting our fridge! it's the first big purchase for justin and i as a married couple. yay! i'm so excited. they are installing it as i type! we have been waiting so long, ok. not that long. about 2.5 weeks. but that's long for us when we've been using a way too small of fridge for the amount of stuff we have to put in it.

also this weekend we are going to the roadhouse in salem. i have a 10$ off coupon that expires on tuesday, and this is the last day we are able to actually go. so, i'm excited for that as well. mainly because i love the sweet rolls they serve. yummy.

a couple more exciting things of note: justin and i are going to corvallis tomorrow to celebrate our one year anniversary! we are going to a fancy restaurant, staying in a hotel for the night, and then getting jamba juice on monday. i love jamba juice. i've only had it once, and i think my problem is that i can't have it on a regular basis because corvallis is too far to go for a smoothie, so i am obsessed with it whenever i am planning on going there. it's a problem, i know. then on the actual day of our anniversary i think we are going to a movie? maybe. and then dinner again. i like to splurge whenever there is a chance to do so. and the last exciting thing:: this week i am going to make a whole bunch of cookies to give out to some friends/family for the holiday season. maybe some chocolate-covered caramellows. and some sugar cookies. maybe some chocolate-peppermint cookies. i'm not sure what else, but a lot. maybe i'll take a picture and then post it for all to see, [the one person that reads this :)] since it seems like blogger is a place to post pictures, not just blog.

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