well, thanksgiving is just around the corner. literally. this is my first year of actually bringing something to dinner. i'm a little nervous, especially since i've decided to make the green bean casserole. and not just any green bean casserole. a fancy, adult-style one. i've never made it before, and i'm really hoping that i don't mess it up. seriously. i'm also making cookies. peppernuts and chocolate crinkles. how exciting!

with thanksgiving around the corner, christmas is just around the bend. now that is something to be excited about. in 19 short days, justin and i will have been married for one year! wow. it doesn't seem that an entire year ago, we were married. it's so weird. i feel like it was only a few months ago. i'm looking forward to our first anniversary as husband and wife. the 'paper' anniversary. yay! we were too excited about our gifts for each other that we couldn't wait any longer. he got me a book, i got him a magazine subscription. very romantic, hah.

i love christmas. i love the weather, music, lights and food. especially spritz cookies. which i will undoubtedly make once again this year. and this year will be our first adult party, not for christmas, but for new years eve. that's exciting and scary all at once.

well, i'm off to the grocery store to buy some supplies for cookies. happy thanksgiving.

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