not so nervous anymore!

now that i am not as nervous, i will write another post. plus i have just been pretty busy with my new job and everything else going on in my life.

let's see: i am very happy that obama is our president-elect. very happy indeed! i was a little worried about mccain getting it in the beginning but as the night got later there was no need to be worried. what a relief. whew.

my new job is going fantastically. i absolutely love it. today i kind of learned how to do payroll. what a responsibility! also, my boss told his wife, who is also my boss, that he wants me to be the actual office manager once i am ready to do so. that is exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. it's a lot of responsibility but i'm sure i'll be just fine at it. i have my own email address and email signature which seems very professional to me, since i've never had that before, and it's quite nice.

i went to a birthday party on friday night. i was a little wary about it before the dinner actually started. i wasn't sure about who all was going to be there, but it ended up being a good group. 2 of my really good friends were there and i enjoyed hanging out with them. after dinner we went to a bar/club. more of a club atmosphere, i think. that's not really my comfort zone, but i went anyway. loud, loud music. and gross girls dancing all gross. eww. and they had bikini boxing which is so not my scene but whatever. i can't control everything. ;) one of my friends bought me a drink, which was amazing and will probably be the only drink i ever get at a bar, it's that good. we were there a good couple of hours. it's fun to just go and watch everyone else make a fool out of themselves while they are drunk, and to see random people who go to these places just to get drunk and try and score with someone. those kind of people i like making fun of. i know, it's rude of me but i can't help it. i'm never going to see them again, and i don't make fun of them to their faces. it's very subtle.

i think that's about all there is to catch up on. oh! except that jimmy johnson won the nascar sprint cup series. which, is good for him, but sad for me. i would have like to see carl edwards win. he took second overall, but did win the race on sunday. sad carl. i am bummed with you.

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