long days

these past few days have been long, obviously, since that's the title of this post. but seriously, too long. i think it all derives from the fact that i haven't really been feeling well since friday, before the birthday party i went to. there's just this awful feeling in my stomach. it's not so awful to where i can't function, it's just uncomfortable and i'd rather it not be there. then to top that off, i've come to the conclusion that i store all of my stress in my head. right between my eyebrows. definately because i furrow my brow a lot when i'm stressed, but also because a lot of my stress comes from looking at a computer screen all day and not knowing what the heck i'm doing. my new job is just a tad bit confusing still. i mean, i basically know almost everything that i'm supposed to know, but i still have a hard time with a few things. there's just so much info to learn, and it all relates to different things, differently. see, i'm already getting confused typing this out.

i did learn something new at work today. consignments. i haven't gotten them figured out yet, but i'm working on it. there's a lot more info involved with those than with regular old purchase orders and invoices. man alive. (that's something my grandma says when she gets frustrated or doesn't understand.)

last night was relaxing though. had bk for dinner, not healthy, i know. but good. it is a little unsettling though how much fast food i eat. i'd rather not eat it, but it's fast, and when i'm hungry, i want to eat now. not go grocery shopping and take the time to figure out what to make, and then actually make it. plus the clean-up is so much easier. no dishes to wash or put away. and no messing with the tupperware containers for leftovers. anyway, where i was going with this is that we just recently bought a wii fit and i'm really slacking on it. i think i have maybe 4 more months to lose 20 pounds. i can already tell you that's not happening. what is nice though - the fit basically makes you feel guilty if you don't work out every day, and i really need that, or i'm just not going to do it. however, what good does that do me if i don't even turn the thing on? plus, we bought a regular old video game and that is just so much easier to play than a game where you actually have to exercise. but, back to my relaxing evening: we ate, then came home and watched 'the fringe' which is now one of my new favorite shows. yes, it is awesome. not necessarily one for those with a queasy stomach, which unfortunately is me, but very very good nonetheless.

i think that's all for today. hopefully my blabbing wasn't too awful.

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