2 to go!

well, it has been day 1 of my 3 last days of work! i can't believe that i have spent two years of my life with this job. it's not a bad job, just dull and monotonous [i guess that's the same thing :)]. only a couple of my regulars know that i will be leaving and i'm not sure if it will be a sad thing since i've only been at this location for approximately 3 months. i know that when i left portland it was hard to say goodbye to not only the people i worked with every day but the customers that came in and bought coffee every day. many told me they would be sad to see me go since i was feeding their addiction, and i always knew their drink before they ordered it. here, there are certain customers that i feel don't recognize me when they come in week after week. in fact, today i had two ladies tell me that since i was new they would need to explain their order to me, and that if it sounded strange to go ahead and do it anyway since my mgr. does it for them all the time. yes, women, i know your drinks. i have a wonderful memory. there is also a man that comes in almost every morning and gets the same exact thing: triple venti two pump mocha. and yet, he feels the need to repeat it to me every day, even after he sees that i am steaming the milk and already written on the cup. also, he orders it incorrectly. it wouldn't bother me if he wasn't a regular and didn't know the starbucks lingo but he obviously does and doesn't want to succumb to the norm. instead he HAS to say "large caffe mocha, three shots and 2 pumps. with whip." 1.it's venti, not large. duh. 2.the three shots doesn't bother me, i don't need him to say triple. i just have to when i call it out. 3.also i don't care about the 2 pumps. 4.but do you have to ask for whip? mochas automatically come with whip. and unless you are a new employee and aren't quite sure of the process, all baristas know this. 5.he KNOWS i know his drink. i've been making it for him at least 4 days a week, for 3 months, and he knows i make it right.

enough about him. but i will mention one other little thing, if you wouldn't mind. when you are standing in line and the barista mentions that they will be right with you, and you say ok, please be thinking about what you would like. it always irks me when i finish making another drink, come back to you and ask what i could get for you and THEN you say, "oh! i'm not sure. let me look at the menu." you think? by the time you figure out what you would like, another customer steps in line, and from the time they step in line, i am supposed to have their drink out to them in 3 minutes. now i know this doesn't happen very often, seeing as how some drinks take longer to make then others or i have a huge order in front of you, or the brewed coffee runs out and that's what you ordered, but, if you stand there trying to decide and more people come up behind you, maybe you should step aside, just maybe.

alright, sorry. just a little venting. i'm through now.

on to better and brighter things! it rained almost all day! that makes me happy, just a little. i love waking up to the sound of rain on the windows or roof. and the smell of the grass. and wearing hoodies. it must be why i love oregon so much. now, don't get me wrong. i don't like the rain all of the time. only the first heavy rains of the winter. when the electricity goes out, or the wind is howling. i know, i know, i'm a total nerd.

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