a lovely saturday

my husband and i slept in late today. i always enjoy that.

i had my first experience watching a handball tournament today. i didn't expect it to be as violent as it was. we were there to support my brother-in-law who was playing. he did a fairly good job i suppose, winning 2 games last night and 2 this morning, but losing the 2 we were there to watch. he was in the 'c bracket', and there is a 'b bracket' an 'a bracket' and apparently an 'a+ bracket'. we watched some of the latter and it was intense. two men were playing and one was getting so upset that he ended up yelling at himself, punching the wall, throwing his protective glasses on the ground and leaving the court. needless to say, he did not win.

later in the day we drove to jefferson, hoping to go to a corn maze and a pumpkin patch. unfortunately, this particular farm we chose was no longer in operation. we were disappointed because the only other farm that we knew of that was open was only open until 5pm. that was no good, for it was already 4pm and the drive alone there would have been at lease 30 minutes. we decided to settle for no corn maze, and go to a local store for the pumpkins. we ended up buying a great little kit for carving them. our pumpkins turned out marvelous. (maybe some pictures later).

now it is time for some dinner. late, i know. but we are still hungry. there is this great little mexican joint that i am craving but i don't think it is open this late, at least not in our little town. we'll probably have to settle for either a fast-food chain or some other franchise restaurant. but we do love our town.

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