another week starts tomorrow

once again, it is nearly monday. i'm looking forward to this monday, seeing as how it is number 1 of 2 mondays left at my current job. i have a definate 4 days left at work, with a possible additional 3. i'm looking forward to starting another chapter of my life with a new job!

today was nice. my aunt and her partner were here from canada. it's always great to visit with family that you don't get to see as much as you would like. they have been on a 6-week long vacation, travelling around the west and mid-west states. visiting places like the grand canyon, yosemite, utah and arizona. someday i would like to do a trip like that, i think it would be interesting to see all of those different places. however, they camped out of their van, i would use hotels. i'm not that big on 'roughing it'.

tonight we stayed in and actually made dinner. it's been a little difficult for us the past few weeks, with our odd schedules, so we decided to make a night of it and do it right. we ended up making potato soup and a nice big salad, something healthy for a change. tomorrow night i plan on making meatloaf, one of our favorite meals.

we've been watching this television show called '17 Kids and Counting' lately. it's interesting. i don't see how someone can put something like having kids all up to God. i know i couldn't do it. having 17 children and one on the way? that just seems ludacris to me. especially since this family has had them all within the last 25 years. i know that when we decide to have children that i will not want to give birth to one, wait 6 weeks and then immediately conceive another child. i would like to rest. i just don't see how they do it, and stay sane.

anyhow, that's enough for now. i suppose i should be getting ready for bed.

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