1 more week

i only have approximately one more week with my current job. i believe i have mentioned it before, but i can't seem to help it. i am so excited. i had to be at work at 430am today. after this week, i shouldn't be having to get up at 330am ever again. that alone is something to be excited about, is it not?

i finished my oregon voting ballot not long ago, and am looking forward to dropping it off at the actual drop site. i believe i voted last time for kerry, and unfortunately bush won so i'm hoping that my candidate wins this year. fyi: barack obama. if you disagree, that's fine. but i don't want to have a debate with you why one is better than the other. thank you.

while sitting here at the computer, there is a television on in the background. normally i would be listening and typing at the same time but tonight i just want to throw the remote at the screen. whoever was watching tv last left it on spiketv, which at the moment there is a show titled 'manswers' on. it is the most ridiculous show i think i have ever heard of. right now the questions they are answering consist of:
+what animal can give you an hour long erection? -a spider
+how do you escape a straight jacket?
+where's the best vacation spot to get oral sex?
+instead of mouth-to-mouth rescusitation, can you fart someone back to life?
+and where is the largest strip club?
why are there shows like this even on tv? do men really need to know these answers? for one, why would you even want to have an erection for hours? no one needs to have sex that long. for two, if you were put in a straight jacket, then there's probably a reason for that and you shouldn't know how to get out. three, if you want to go on vacation to get oral sex, bring a girl with you. don't go looking for it. that's just creepy. four, if i'm not breathing, i sure as hell do NOT want someone to fart in my mouth to make me breath again. just let me die. and finally five, why do you need to go to the largest strip club? isn't one enough? why do you need 50 naked women gyrating on a pole and on you, isn't 20 enough? i mean, c'mon. this show is just directed towards perverts. sick.

after all that, i've got to finish dinner now. for all of you out there, have a great night.

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  1. Lacey! I'm glad you are on blogspot! But after reading your last paragraph there, what?! lol. Hope you are doing well...any girl nights in the future? Tell them hello!


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