11.02.16 | HALLOWEEN 2016

 ^^do you see that big smile up there?! he got to be line leader for the Halloween class serpentine at his school. he was beyond thrilled, obviously.
Halloween was pretty epic this year! IT DIDN'T RAIN!!!  Claire had her class party the prior week because she doesn't go to school on Mondays but Landon's party was on Halloween.  He was so excited to get to dress up AT SCHOOL and participate in the class party!  While he was at school, Claire and I visited Justin at work, Grandma Dorothy at work and we even stopped by my old work, to trick-or-treat.  She didn't say a single word anywhere that we stopped, nor did she really smile at all, but she did have a good time doing it. 

That evening, we stopped by my mom and step-dad's for the first trick-or-treat of the night.  Claire was in a bad mood and absolutely refused to get her costume on, or even trick-or-treat from them.  Unfortunately she didn't get her full-size box of m&m's but that's what happens when you aren't going to participate.

After that stop, we went to dinner with my dad.  After filling her belly, Claire was willing to put her costume back on and get some candy.  As you can see from the picture below, Landon got his face tattoos but Claire didn't want hers on.  I wasn't going to push it seeing as how just putting on her costume was a struggle so she went bare-faced.  We stopped at two different aunt/uncle's houses and then met Justin's parents back at our house to trick-or-treat our neighborhood.  The kids ended up with tons of candy!  It was crazy!
 ^^they each got to choose one piece of candy to eat after we got back.  landon chose a twizzler and claire chose a york peppermint patty.
^^this was taken right before claire's school party. 


For Landon's fifth birthday (5th?!!?) he only had one request: candy.  Gosh darn it, that's what he got!  I'm pretty sure he loved it. c;  We still have quite a bit of candy left and it's been nearly two months now but whatever.  He's worth it.  I can't ever seem to remember to take pictures of the party decor anymore and then when I asked Justin to take pictures of Landon opening up his gifts he got about five before his phone filled up.  Oops!  So here's a little recap:
Landon started his birthday at school with a little celebration.  He had yummy cake, a birthday crown, two birthday badges (one from home and one from school) and was pretty excited to have his classmates sing to him.
We had two parties this year: one for his friends and one for family.  This picture is from the friend party.  We probably could've gotten away with only one party but doing it this way was less stressful for us and it gave the kids more room to play.  I tried making gumdrop-shaped cake pops in place of a cake and once again, I failed.  Never again will I try to make cake pops!  Those of you that can successfully make a batch: I commend you.  Instead, I drove to Costco that morning and picked up a cake.  c;  We had tons of food (I totally overbought, again): all sorts of crackers, chips and dip, veggies, fruit, pink lemonade, soda, water (for which I bought cute little candy-themed bottle wrappers that didn't work for my bottled water!) and I think that's it? 
For the family party we had leftover cake from the day before and we also had some chocolate/vanilla swirled cupcakes.
That up there is Landon opening some of his presents from the friend party.  The thing to his left was a punch-through game that I made for the kids.  I got the idea from pinterest (duh).  It was a good alternative to a piñata, and it fit the candy theme.  It was supposed to look like candy dots.  Can you see it?  I had the dots filled with bubbles, a ring pop, a bouncy ball and I want to say there was one more thing but I can't remember for the life of me.  Each kid got to choose a hole to punch through and keep what was inside.  I had marked the back of one of the holes and was going to give the kid that chose that one a huge swirled lollipop but the kids tore into the game before I even had a chance to explain anything, hah!  So I've got four giant lollipops if anyone wants one.
Up there you can kind of see the candy table.  We had a dum-dum tree, M&M's, mini York peppermint patties, some of those unwrapped Kit Kat bars and Twix, gumdrops, Skittles, Jolly Ranchers and Pixie Sticks.  I think that's it?  When the kids first arrived I had a little station set up where they could make candy bracelets.  They could choose from hard or gummy Life Savers, mint Life Savers, Peach-O's and I'm sure there was something more but oh well.  I spent forever looking for candy decorations and had decided I would just settle on a rainbow-type theme for serveware and décor but at the last minute, Hobby Lobby pulled through!  They had a whole section (with two different styles) of candy party décor.  It was great!  We didn't get a pic of the gift bags but I got most everything at the dollar store.  They were little blue tubs (three for $1) that I filled with Pop Rocks, a toothbrush, glow in the dark candy stickers,  a crazy straw and a glow stick.  There were 12 gift bags in total and I ended up doing half with a mini gumball machine (that the kids could fill up with Skittles or M&M's if they wanted) and the other half with a little notepad and pen that looked like a lollipop.  I thought they were super cute. 
A couple of months before Landon's birthday my dad asked me what I thought about him making Landon a loft bed for his present.  Both Justin and I thought it was a great idea so my dad secretly made it, came over and put it together while I had the kids away from the house and surprised Landon with it when we came home.  Since my dad was giving him a new bed, I only saw it fitting to get Landon a whole new bedspread to go with it (that was our present to him).  Target has the cutest line of kids bedding right now called Pillowfort and OH MY GOSH, I'm obsessed.  We got him this sheet set, this bear pillow (which he has since named Joey the Bear), and this quilt and the matching pillow sham.  I still want to get him this pillow, this wall sign, and this arrow plaque.  Who am I kidding, I want everything!! I'm already thinking ahead for Claire and want to get her this unicorn wall décor, this quilt (but in purple, my store had it in purple.  Please please please still have it in purple?!) and this rosette pillow.  She's already told me she wants these sheets!  Okay, back to Landon.  c;
He was so surprised and incredibly happy about his new bed!  He loves it so so so much.  And we do too!  It's a little difficult to change the sheets and he sometimes has accidents when he can't make it down quick enough but it's getting better every day!
I couldn't do a post without throwing a cute picture of Claire playing with one of Landon's new birthday toys while he was at school.
And I also couldn't do a birthday post about Landon without a picture of him with one of his new favorite things: Legos.  That kid impresses me on the daily with how well he follows directions and puts those things together all by himself.  He loves them so much and is always asking if we can go to the store and get some more Legos. 

All in all, I think our little guy had a great time turning five!


I've always had a love for nail polish.  For as long as I can remember, I've been painting my nails.  I still remember ruining my mom's bedspread when a bottle fell onto another, broke and spilled dark blue (or purple) polish all over.  Oops!  I don't know why but I continue to paint my nails on my bed, maybe I should stop that?  I have this gel manicure kit that I bought a year or so ago and I love it.  But I just can't stop buying regular polish, too.  I like changing up my colors depending on my mood and I'm not patient enough to soak my nails for the gel polish removal and so I end up ruining my nail beds by peeling the color off.  So, for the days (and by days I mean nights) that I have time to sit and let my polish dry regularly, I like to use Essie, Formula X or Covergirl Outlast polish. 
Formula X is by far my favorite "high end" brand to use.  The color options are great, I love the packaging and the polish stays on my nails pretty long.  And the dry time is pretty great too. 

Essie is my favorite "mid range" brand.  They have an amazing color selection - I particularly love all of their little sets they come out with.  And the names are so cute!  The polish doesn't last on my nails for very long but I'm okay with it because it goes on smoothly, covers well, and you can find it basically anywhere.
The best "cheap" polish you can find, in my opinion, is the Covergirl Outlast line.  I discovered it when they came out with the Star Wars line of colors and I picked up one on a whim.  I got "Speed of Light" and boy oh boy, it was the best cool-toned grey polish I'd ever used.  I went back out the next day and bought "Red Revenge".  The formula is super pigmented, lasts FOREVER on my nails and is right around $5!!  I usually pick up a color or two when they're on sale at Fred Meyer's for $3 or something.  I just love them so much.  I wish they had a better color selection though, that's my only complaint. 
Other notable mentions: OPI (I want to get the "Hello Kitty" collection for Claire), Jessie's Girl JulieG polish (I find mine at my Rite Aid but they don't sell them online), and surprisingly, Jamberry has some nice polish.  I really don't like the nail wraps, I prefer a solid color on my nails aaaaaaand I suck at applying them.  BUT the polish is pretty decent!


Continuing with the theme from last week, these are all items from my Amazon wish list.  I'm still pretty obsessed with coloring/drawing/lettering but I've also been getting back into reading more.  I've always been against Kindles, solely because I like the feel of having an actual book to hold and how pretty they look my bookshelf once I finish reading them, but lately I've been wondering if I should just bite the bullet and get one?  I mean, it would be handy for trips.  And it'd be a lot quicker to buy a book, I wouldn't have to get ready and go to the store! 
one // I love these Thomas Kinkade paintings of classic Disney characters in puzzle form!
two // the original Amazon Kindle.  (It was on sale last week, I should have snagged it.)
three // Chameleon Color Tones Blend Pens
&four // Pattern Play coloring book by Tara Larson Nearents

06.20.16 | RECENT PICS

 Be warned!  Lots of pictures to follow.
My 30th Birthday
 Easter 2016. 
 Landon was done with pictures.  Claire wanted me to get her "Elsa dress" in the shot.
 The kids get to go "exploring" with Daddy on the weekends, when Mommy is still sleeping.
 Landon's first dental visit.  He surprised me with how well he did.  He even did great with the x-rays!

Mother's Day 2016