04.15.14 | 15/52

"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

landon: he's been requesting his tent almost every day. this particular moment we were playing a sort of "peek-a-boo" and i happened to actually get a shot of his face through the tunnel. 

claire: after a particularly sticky breakfast of oranges, she got a sink bath. as obsessed as she is with baths this was the perfect solution for a little boy that did not want to go upstairs. 

**iphone photos this week.
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this sweet baby girl of mine is so so fun. she's on the move, non-stop, teething pretty much every day and just generally being amazing. some stuff from the last month:

claire, at eight months, thinks she is so funny! which, she is, obviously. she likes to crawl towards you, stop and sit, kind of get herself all worked up by bouncing up and down and clapping and then takes off for you again. it's adorable.

claire, at eight months, wears a bib all day long. she drools SO MUCH. landon did too but man, i kinda forgot how much exactly. 

claire, at eight months, loves that darn pacifier. and i have to say, she's pretty cute when she's using it. which is pretty much all day. 

claire, at eight months, has hair down to the middle of her back. she's rocking the baby mullet, that's for sure. i can't bring myself to cut it, even though i know i probably should. i keep telling myself it's okay because i can pull it up into a ponytail or pigtails or clip it back. 

claire, at eight months, is obsessed with anything her brother is playing with. 

claire, at eight months, is so close to walking! she pulls herself up onto everything, holds on with one hand and reaches out with the other. sometimes she'll let go without realizing it, stand there for a second with her arms flailing around her trying to keep her balance and then promptly fall right back on her tush. it's gonna be soon guys. i can feel it.

claire, at eight months, eats some foods in their original form, instead of pureed. she really likes broccoli, bananas, watermelon and peas. it's so fun to watch her eat and try new things.

claire, at eight months, is still obsessed with baths. if she hears that bath water running, she's booking it straight to the bathroom. she also got her first sink bath this month, which she also loved.

claire, at eight months, is really starting to look like me when i was a baby. i can't say that i'm not super excited about it. c;

04.09.14 | VEGAS

^^waiting for the plane to take off

these are the only pictures i took in vegas. at least, the only pictures that are actually worth sharing. justin took a few more, but they were mainly taken of cutesy things that we thought landon would enjoy seeing. but you know what? that's ok. because instead of spending too much time thinking about taking a picture or pulling my phone out to get the perfect shot or being disappointed because i didn't get that perfect shot i was really enjoying being in the moment. and that was a lot of fun. 

we left rainy oregon and arrived in sunny vegas. the sun stuck around for a couple days but it never got warmer than 70 (and that's stretching it), it was suuuuper windy and the last full day we were there it even rained! that didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves in the slightest though. we chose to stay at the mgm this time around, mainly for the lazy river (which we didn't get to take advantage of, at all!) and we got a pretty decent deal. we stayed in one of the west wing rooms which i will probably never do again. it was a good price but the room definitely reflected that. it wasn't horrible or anything, just really teeny tiny and for some reason, our bathroom reeked of some nasty mildewy smell. we complained a few times and finally on the last day they switched us into a different room. exactly the same, just even farther down the hall. (which, if you haven't stayed in a west wing room there, be prepared to walk for what feels like FOR EV ER down the hall. seriously, it blows.) the bed and sheets and pillows were comfy though, so that's something. and when we switched rooms, we accidentally left our phone charges in the old room and didn't notice it for a few hours and by the time we remembered, somebody new was already in our room and the maids didn't turn in the charges to lost and found sooooo we lost them. the mgm did give us some replacement chargers, at no cost to us which i am super grateful for, but i'm just such a weird-o when it comes to things like chargers that i get super upset with myself for forgetting ours every single time i plug my phone in. mine was in just such good condition and didn't have any crinks in the cord or anything and this one looks like it's been twisted every which way so yeah. it's frustrating.

on to the good stuff: we spent time with some of our favorite people and had a blast doing so. we celebrated my baby brother turning 21 and kept his drinks full. c; we saw not one, but TWO cirque du soleil shows (zarkana for the first time and ká for the second time). we ate some amazing food, especially at hash house a go go. seriously, go there, you can thank me later. i learned that i really like margaritas and that justin really doesn't. we walked a lot (but we always do while in vegas) and went to almost every hotel/casino. once again, we didn't make it to the wynn but oh well. we did make it over to hard rock hotel though, which we had never been to before and we're glad we finally did. we had plans to go up the stratosphere and ride a ride but it was so windy and the weather wasn't amazing we just decided against it. we spent one night down at fremont street and by golly, it's the best. we're totally staying at the golden nugget next time we go to vegas. and we're totally going later in the year so we get all that wonderful sun and dry heat that the desert is known for. we were up a little money by the time we checked out of the hotel but then had some time to kill at the airport and decided to play some slots so we went back down either -$14 or -$4, we can't remember. not enough to be disappointed about though! we facetimed the kids every day and missed them all day long. (i will say it was nice getting uninterrupted sleep four nights in a row though.)

we had such a good time. when we got home we squeezed the kids so tight. it's weird, i didn't realize how much i actually missed them until we got back home. i mean, i missed them, obviously, and i felt it the entire time we were gone, it's just different once you get back i guess. and the very next evening, we started planning our next vacation. you come home feeling so refreshed, it's amazing. and then you wake up the next morning to a high of 54 degrees with wind and rain and you wish you lived somewhere with more sun. c; 

vegas, we love you. until next time!
^^birthday boy, my sister and her fiancé
^^the nasty weather we were leaving behind
^^just after facetiming the kids and waiting for the doors to open to zarkana
^^quite possibly the best pancake i have ever had. i'm drooling just thinking about it.
^^the only eiffel tower i'm probably ever going to see, on a gloomy day.

04.08.14 | 14/52

"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014"

landon: a busy day with no naps is a sure equation for falling asleep in a moving car.

claire: just chillin' at the home depot, waiting on paint samples.

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04.01.14 | 13/52

"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014"

landon: always always always playing with his trains or cars. this week, grandpa dave put a battery in his train so it went around the track all by itself. to say he's obsessed would be an understatement.

claire: my grandma saved a few of my dresses from when i was a baby. i was clearing out some of claire's clothes that no longer fit her from her closet and realized i should probably be trying some of my dresses on her. most of them are for toddlers, about two-years-old, but this one fit her now. it fit her perfectly around the neck. unfortunately, she wasn't able to crawl in it (just a tad too long, and the slippery feel of the fabric made it difficult) and thus ensued a little bit of a fit. we kept it on just long enough for me to snap a few pictures, for memory's sake. 

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