07.24.14 | A GIVEAWAY

do you remember how a few weeks ago i mentioned something about giving y'all an opportunity to win yourself a pair of freshly picked moccasins? well, do you? it's okay if you don't, i won't hold it against you. i'm a huge fan of the company as their shoes are expertly made and come in so many adorable colors! claire wears hers every single day, with any outfit, and they're perfect for her just learning to take a few steps on her own. and landon loves his just as much, choosing to wear his almost every day as well. 

anyway, today is the day! freshly picked is kindly giving one reader, one pair of their choice of moccasins. all you have to do is visit freshly picked and leave a comment on this post, letting us know which pair you would choose (these are gonna be claire's next pair). it's that easy! for an extra entry, follow me on instagram ( @laceyhorstthomas ) and leave an additional comment letting me know you do so. i'll select a winner this sunday, july 27. 

good luck!

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07.23.14 | 29/52

"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

landon: eating a cupcake on claire's birthday. the frosting is his favorite part.

claire: crawling around the house, putting landon's swim trunks up on her head like that's where they belong. 

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we were out of town for the past few days
so i'm a day late in posting.
pictures from our time away soon. c;


so yesterday was the day. the day my baby girl turned one. bittersweet? yes. realizing how fast everything goes just makes you want babies to never grow up. and then you think about how that might not actually be the best thing, if they never got older and learned to do things for themselves so really, it's a good thing, growing up. but still. sometimes i just want to stop time and live in the moment that much longer and relish in whatever it is my little lady (or big boy) is doing at that specific time. like yesterday.

claire decided to wake up super early. she had to get a good start on her birthday, apparently. we ate breakfast together as a family and then spent the morning lounging around, trying to get claire to take a nap which only lasted for a good 30 minutes (of which i dozed off on the couch and slept through both kids playing in the living room. thanks babe!). then we got ready and headed out to the public outdoor pool in town. from 12-1pm they have a parent/tot free swim and oh my gosh. it was so nice. for only $13 we spent an hour splashing around and cooling off from the warm (AMAZING) weather. landon is still pretty apprehensive when it comes to being in water, or getting his face wet, so he clung to me like his life depended on it for the first 15 minutes or so. once he realized nothing bad was going to happen, he loosened his grip a bit, but he still wouldn't just play in the shallow area. which is okay. i'd rather him be a little nervous than be one of those kids that just goes for it. (i'm a little apprehensive around water too, so for me, i like that my kid stays close.) claire, on the other hand, was all about playing in the water. she would have just crawled right through the water if we would have let her. she tried to drink it too, which is gross, but whatever. after our fun swim time, which we left at precisely 1pm because then it became free swim for all ages and goodness gracious, too many kids showed up. it got CRAZY. we headed a few blocks over to get some burgers to take home and eat for lunch and then spent the next few hours lazing about at home. after dinner claire got to eat a cupcake (which landon helped blow the candle out on) and open her present from us. 

it's seriously so hard to believe that one year ago, at this very moment, (i'm typing this up tuesday night) we were at the hospital with a newborn baby girl. and now, that baby girl isn't a baby anymore, but a ONE YEAR OLD. and she's sleeping in her crib. and doing all those things that one-year-olds do. like taking unassisted steps. 

okay. pictures. lots of 'em. c;

love you, baby girl. so so so much.

07.15.14 | 28/52

"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

landon: at enchanted forest, completely "enchanted" by the light/water show. 

claire: forever standing in the bathtub. especially when you tell her not to do it. also drinking bath water -ick.

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07.14.14 | CLAIRE, AT 11 MONTHS

tonight being the last night my baby girl will actually be my baby girl (by textbook standards), i've decided to do her monthly post now. that way, i can post her last monthly post within the next couple of weeks (hopefully) and not have it drag on for another month. even though i could probably let it drag on for another year, i'll just keep all that stuff for myself (and claire) in her baby book and the little letters i write for her. c;

claire, at 11 months, is standing on her own a lot. she'll be in the middle of a room and bam! she's up and just standing there. she hasn't taken a full step on her own just yet though. and i'm okay with it.

claire, at 11 months, is fearless! i think it's one of her goals in life to give me an early heart attack. or lots of grey hairs, at least.

claire, at 11 months, likes to applaud herself when she does something she's proud of. it's freaking adorable.

claire, at 11 months, is still my little fishy-baby. she loves baths and just this month we bought a blow-up pool for the backyard and man oh man, she's in heaven in that thing. mainly because she can walk around in it (when she's not allowed to in the tub).

claire, at 11 months, follows her big brother everywhere. she's just started to figure out the concept of "chase" and has been doing that a lot lately. 

claire, at 11 months, follows commands pretty well. whether they're from me or justin, or even landon, she does what we ask. for the most part. c;

claire, at 11 months, is still a terrible sleeper. her naps are decent but at night, gosh, it's horrible. 

claire, at 11 months, eats basically whatever we're eating. she doesn't like us to feed her anymore and she also knows when she's eating something different than the rest of us. she gets pretty pissed. 

claire, at 11 months, is obsessed with music. just like her daddy. she's also the dancer of the family. her favorite song right now? wiggle wiggle wiggle by jason derulo. yeah, totally inappropriate, i know. 

claire, at 11 months, is wearing 12-18mos clothes. seeing as how she rarely plays with baby toys anymore and only wants to play with whatever landon is playing with, we've asked people to buy clothes for her birthday. she's quickly growing out of everything we have!

claire, at 11 months, will always be my baby girl. no matter how old she gets. it's still so hard for me to believe that one year ago tomorrow, my baby girl graced us with her presence. this has probably been one of the hardest years of my life, but also the most rewarding; having my two kids be the best of friends. gosh, being a mama is seriously the best.