02.02.15 | IT'S FEBRUARY!

a lot of people tend to hate february, and i don't blame them. especially if you live in oregon. the weather is still awful, it's no where near spring yet, and nothing special happens. unless you're me! because february is my birth month. and that typically means that i like to call february my BIRTHDAY MONTH! month-long celebrations, if i had it my way. c; it never happens but i like to milk it as much as i can.

anyway, none of these pictures have anything to do with my birthday but they're recent and seeing as how my blog has been somewhat neglected as of late, i wanted to post them. 

^^last week, we had a couple days where the fog finally cleared around late afternoon and so one of those days we took advantage of it! we took a little walk around the 'hood and grabbed the mail. claire's carrying all the paper mail and landon's got his newest koala crate for the month. apparently he's too cool to walk with me and claire anymore.
^^also last week we had a little starbucks date, just me and the kids. i've been selling some of their old toys on a fb group and we met the lady this particular morning. to get out the door, i bribed landon with a hot chocolate. easiest way to get him out the door, apparently. he was so excited to order it all by himself. and to get a couple of cookies to share with claire,  too. claire was excited to get her own water.
^^this is the face claire makes when i ask her to smile. it's kinda the best.
^^justin sent me this picture last weekend when he was upstairs, getting ready. the kids decided they were going to wear some of his clothes, apparently. 

other things of note:

// THE PATRIOTS WON THE SUPER BOWL! to all you patriots haters: suck it! i've been a patriots fan since tom brady entered the league (for obvious reasons, hah!) and have enjoyed watching them play every so often. for some reason though, this year i really got into football. like, we got redzone, and i didn't miss a single game. all season long. pretty hardcore. it's pretty awesome when the year you decide to really watch the game, the team you want to win  makes it all the way to the Super Bowl and then wins it. it was INCREDIBLE. did you watch it?! please say you did. and that you're not a seahawks fan. bc i don't know if i can still be your friend if you are. c;

// our taxes are filed! i think i may be the only person that enjoys doing their taxes but whatever, i do. i use turbo tax otherwise i fear i may not actually enjoy doing them. i really like seeing the little refund amount go up when i enter our information in. it's so rewarding!

// the kids are really into tents lately. justin has been making tents in landon's room and they've really enjoyed playing in them. when landon woke up this morning, the first thing he said was "so, let's make a tent under the table, okay?" so i did. and he played under it for five minutes? yeah, kind of a waste.

// they kids are also really into frozen again. it's really the only movie that claire will actually sit through and watch from beginning to end. i can already tell it's going to be on heavy repeat this week as the weather forecast is rain all week.

// so about whole30. no judging, alright? i made it three days. three. i'm pathetic. i was having major sugar/caffeine withdrawals and instead of powering through, i gave in. i was so gung-ho about it too! i know i can do it. i just don't think i was fully prepared for what i was going to be dealing with? plus, i am not an egg person and three days of having eggs for breakfast was the worst. i'm also not a big meat person. and i only like apples, with an occasional banana or grape, in the fruit department and as for veggies, again, i only like a select few. so maybe whole30 isn't the right program for me? i'm still drinking about a pepsi a day, but i don't feel like i need it. and i still feel like i'm making healthier choices - but i'm still eating bread every once in a while and some cereal. and i haven't completely cut out sugar. justin, on the other hand, has been doing really well! he isn't following it completely. like yesterday he had some doritos and we went out to dinner once last month where he had a small piece of bread and some dessert with me and landon but really, he's been sticking with it pretty well. he's down like 14lbs or something. so that's awesome. i've got plans to implement a regular workout routine soon, with the intention of getting up earlier and going to bed earlier, too. so there's that.

// also, i'm slowly organizing things in our house. the toy situation is out of control. so that's getting worked on and all of our paper stuff has been filed in our new (to us) file cabinet in the garage. i feel like i get little spurts of energy where i'm super focused on getting stuff done. they're few and far between though. c;

// and finally, i'm in the thick of making my sister's wedding invitations! i've got them all mocked up and everything. the next step is digitizing them. and even though it's somewhat tedious, i find it relaxing. hopefully i can get our desktop computer working long enough to get it done! 


i haven't taken any pictures lately, at all, and so, because i'm dreaming of sun, i'm posting this one. even though it has nothing to do with this post.

ok. in my mind there are two kinds of parents: the ones that let their kids play with play-doh and the ones that don't. i was lucky enough to be given the kind that let me have play-doh and do whatever i wanted with it. now, i enjoyed the crap out of my play-doh, even though i was one of those kids that never mixed up the colors or anything so my creations all looked like one big blob when i was done with them but whatever. 

now after having landon, we got him some play-doh for his first easter, along with a jesus loves me book, an easter teddy dressed as a bunny and some outside chalk. i was very excited and couldn't wait for him to be old enough to actually play with it and not just want to eat the stuff. when the day finally came, i was so insanely happy. and then just like that, i wasn't.

you see, me being the kid that didn't like to mix colors together doesn't translate very well into a mom that lets her kid play freely with play-doh. and that totally sucks for my kids. landon's first experience basically consisted of him choosing a color, playing with it for a couple minutes, and then putting it away so he could choose a different color. not fair, right?! he'll ask to play with the stuff pretty regularly and usually, i just don't want to deal with it so i tell him maybe later. and then he forgets about it and i forget about it and another day goes by without pulling out the play-doh. and that's been okay with me up until a bit ago.

i mean, who cares if play-do gets mixed up or dried out or all over stuff? i do, waaaaay too much. i keep trying though! and i'm getting better at it every single time he asks for it. today claire got to try it for the first time. she only tried to eat it a couple of times and did really well with it. i even let them play with more than one color at once, and i wasn't freaking out about it! maybe i'm just to the point where so long as the kids aren't screaming at each other or crying or fighting over something, anything will do? or maybe i'm finally getting to the point where something so small as play-doh, which can be replaced pretty easily, doesn't bother me anymore? whatever it is, it's pretty exciting. plus now that i know they can play with it a bit without me observing them 100% it'll give me a few minutes of that much-needed alone time to just sit. so it's a good thing, right?

01.23.15 | ON MY MIND

 she asked for a picture but then refused to stay still. 

hi again! how is everyone? trying to stay happy and energized even though the weather is horrible and grey and just plain awful? yeah, me too. 

claire just had her 18-month check-up and she weighs 24lbs! her doctor wants us to get rid of her pacifiers though. that's gonna be tough. it's definitely her favorite thing and she thinks she needs it to sleep. we are in for some sleepless nights, i think. hopefully it'll be a couple days and she'll have it figured out. also, i've been super bad and still letting her drink from a bottle. so that needs to stop. she has no idea what's coming. eep!

i've been weeding through all of the kids' toys lately, trying to sell them on a fb garage sale site and man, it's really been difficult on me. i mean, i don't want any more kids, really i don't. but the thought of getting rid of all of their baby toys and their bottles and basically everything else that they have no need/use for is kinda sad. why do kids have to grow up so quickly?! 

speaking of growing up, we took landon to see disney jr. live last weekend in portland! it was so cute. he really enjoyed seeing jake and princess sophia and mickey and minnie mouse. his favorite part was clapping after each scene ended. gosh, seeing him sit in a big boy chair all by himself was just a little heart-breaking, if you know what i mean.

i'm on the hunt for a reasonably priced loveseat for our living room to match our current sofa. it's so difficult! i don't want the same style/color as our sofa, i just want it to compliment it. easier said than done! i just need sarah richardson to come to my house, design every room, and have it be free. wouldn't that be nice?!

and with that, i'm being summoned by my children. i leave you with a picture of landon that i found on my phone, apparently making his first "duck face". this kid, i tell ya. c;

01.15.15 | DREAMING..

a praiano print by gray malin

lately i've been dreaming of getting out of oregon. not necessarily anywhere fancy. just somewhere where the sun is out most of the year, which inevitably means somewhere warm. i am definitely one of those people that is affected by grey days during the winter and oregon probably isn't the best place for me to live because of that but i do and that's not going to change any time soon. 

one of my cousins from pennsylvania had some work over here and she was able to visit us last night and the night before. it was so great catching up with her. we haven't seen her in five years! anyway, over the course of our conversations we realized that we're pretty similar in that we both are always thinking about the next thing. the next thing to buy, place to move to, where to vacation, etc. i am guilty of looking up properties on zillow almost every day! we'll probably never move because justin's job is so wonderful and the school(s) our kids will attend are pretty great and both of our immediate families are here, yada yada yada, but it's fun to dream! 

i also like to torture myself by keeping las vegas and arizona on my weather app. i mean, who does this?! apparently my cousin! she keeps sarasota on hers, but she has a better excuse as her brother and his family live there. but it's only slightly better. c; we're both a little crazy i guess. like right now, vegas' highs for the week are in the high 60's with lots of sun! and phoenix is in the mid-high 70's! perfection, i tell ya. 

i don't know. i've got the itch to get out of here i guess! the next vacation we have tentatively planned is for vegas at the end of august with some friends. (i know, i know. we go to vegas all the time!) maybe we'll get some nice sunny days between now and april. fingers crossed.

**hint hint**
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this is the print i'd choose if i won. 

12.31.14 | A FINAL POST (FOR 2014)

i guess it's time for an end-of-year type post or a post on reflections or something. i've got 50 minutes to write this all out and get it posted before the new year rings in over here on the west coast. then subtract me getting up every nine minutes to take cookies out of the oven and put more in and it's more like 35 minutes, but whatever. c;

2014 had a lot to live up to, what with 2013 bringing us our sweet baby girl. and really, 2014 just got the short end of the stick for a while there. we were transitioning claire from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding, and from co-sleeping to not. and then all of those darn teeth that just decided to come in all at the same time. 2014 also meant landon went from the wonderful age of two to the not-so-wonderful age of three. seriously guys, if you have kids and they weren't terrors at three, please tell me how you did it? because my kid flips his lid over pretty much anything and everything. i mean, it's probably a lot to do with not being an only child anymore and being able to voice his frustrations more and having opinions on things and all that jazz. but still. it's enough to make you want to pull your hair out. 

but 2014 also had a lot of fun things! we celebrated my baby brother in one of my favorite cities, i turned 28 and had a donut cake (seriously best decision ever), we put a deck out in our backyard with the help of our parents, landon learned all the words to jesus loves me and johnny appleseed, justin took a new position at work, i got back to my pre-pre-pregnancy weight and reaffirmed my love for american eagle jeans, my body decided to not like dairy anymore (which sucks a lot, but is also really good for me), ducks made it to the first national college football playoffs (GO DUCKS!), justin and i spent a good weekend away together and lots of other things that i'm surely forgetting. 

all in all, 2014 was a pretty good year. i'm really looking forward to what 2015 has in store for us though. we're starting a month of whole30 in less than two weeks (i'm scared and excited all in one!), a vacation or two, intentions for some minor home improvements, a lot less soda and a lot more activities with the kiddos. and with netflix streaming friends in about 20 minutes, well, 2015 is sure to be great.