07.30.14 | THINGS

i can't get over the leg rolls. gosh.

man, whoever said life with two kids was hard sure wasn't kidding! parenting two little ones takes basically everything out of me, every single day. it's amazing i get anything done. claire's been getting into EVERY LITTLE THING that she's not supposed to, landon has been acting like a three-year-old (heaven, help us), ripley is as annoying as ever and we still haven't gotten back into our regular routine involving food. on the bright side? the weather has been glorious! i'm learning that i am happiest when the sun is shining bright and it's warm enough to go outside without a jacket. and that's a new realization to me so i've been missing out on summer, big time!

a few things:

//either i've forgotten that landon was interested in the kitchen cabinets and taking everything out that he's not supposed to or claire is just crazy obsessed with it.

//claire got a little push trike for her birthday this year and when you put the handles down to their lowest point, landon can push her in it! it's kind of his favorite thing to do right now and i'm not complaining.

//landon is FULLY potty trained. and it's amazing. sure, he has an accident once in a great while, typically over night when he refused to use the restroom before bed but other than that, he's done! it's so nice only changing one kid's diapers.

//we took landon to see the new planes movie last weekend. he sat through the entire thing, never got antsy or anything. also, in case you're wondering: this movie was way better than the first one. 

//claire is still sleeping horribly. she slept great the two nights we stayed at silver falls but since we're back home, she's sleeping awful again. i did notice three teeth just under the surface yesterday though so maybe she has actually been teething? who knows with this gal.

//landon is becoming more and more comfortable in water, which is a great thing. and claire still loves it.

//i'm in the thick of planning my friend's bachelorette party for next weekend and oh my gosh! i can't believe it's so close! 

i feel like i intended on writing a whole bunch more stuff but apparently my brain is drawing a blank? and claire has just woken from her nap so i've got to go get here and make some lunch for us all. hope you're enjoying your summer just as much as we are!

07.29.14 | 30/52

"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

landon: he had his first s'more last night after dinner. it's safe to say that he loved it. he surprised me a bit, seeing as how he is not one to get messy while he eating, in fact he hates it, and all he said while eating his s'more was "it's sticky, mom!" and then continued to eat it. once he saw i was taking his picture, he decided to try and not let me see his face. this is his sly grin.

claire: from last week during our stay at silver falls. while everyone else went on a hike, baby girl and i stayed up top, exploring around all of the paved paths and nature areas that silver falls day park had to offer. we came across this little stream (which apparently leads to a waterfall somewhere?) and stopped on the tiny bridge. she was so happy to just sit and watch the water flow. 

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07.25.14 | CLAIRE'S PARTY

we celebrated claire's first birthday last weekend with an under the sea themed party. when i initially started planning for her party, i started with a goldfish theme. it slowly morphed into a full under the sea theme when i realized i couldn't think/find enough ideas that involved only goldfish. it was a lot of fun! we had quite a full house with lots of family and friends here to celebrate with our sweet lady. luckily for us, our deck is finished so we had extra space for everyone outside. we also bought a little swimming pool a couple of weeks ago and decided to have that outside for all the kids to play in after presents and food. all in all, i think it was a success!!

^^the dessert table! i drew all the fish myself and my wonderful sister cut them all out for me. i think it turned out super cute!
^^i got pretty much all of the decorations at the dollar store this year, including this blow-up sea horse. i'm totally going to the dollar store for every party from now on. 
^^little fishy marshmallow pops! if you're ever considering making cake pops, make these instead. they are SO MUCH EASIER. i mean, they don't taste anywhere near as good because they aren't cake, obviously, but they take half the time and look just as cute. if not cuter! i was so happy with how they turned out. 
^^for the cake, i knew i wanted it to have a little ombre effect and be similar to waves. i also knew it wanted to do things as easy as possible. i ended up buying two of the blueberry cake mixes from the duff goldman line of mixes (at target!) and then had a cream cheese frosting container and a softest vanilla frosting container. the cake was four layers, with cream cheese frosting between them and a light frosting around the entire cake. then i topped it with the vanilla frosting (which is the BEST pre-made frosting i think i've ever had) that i had tinted two different shades of blue. it was SO GOOD.
^^i'm totally obsessed with putting together little goodie bags for kids at birthday parties and knew i had to do something for this party, too. i found these little blue containers at the dollar store (two for $1!!) and filled them with a koosh ball "sea anenome" (dollar store), a container of bubbles (also dollar store) and a bag of goldfish (big box from costco). i think they turned out pretty cute. 
^^i drew this little guy to remind the kids to take a goodie bag because whenever i'm at a party, i always forget to grab one.
^^claire was pretty darn tired during present time. oh well. she ended up with a TON of new clothing though, which was amazing. she's set for quite a while now. 
^^and then, it was time for cake! claire couldn't quite figure out the blowing out of the candle so landon helped her out. 
^^maybe she was just tired but she didn't seem all that interested in her cake. she was the same way with the cupcake on her actual birthday. i mean, she ate most of it, but she didn't devour it the way landon did on his first birthday. 
happiest of birthdays, sweet girl!

07.24.14 | A GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

do you remember how a few weeks ago i mentioned something about giving y'all an opportunity to win yourself a pair of freshly picked moccasins? well, do you? it's okay if you don't, i won't hold it against you. i'm a huge fan of the company as their shoes are expertly made and come in so many adorable colors! claire wears hers every single day, with any outfit, and they're perfect for her just learning to take a few steps on her own. and landon loves his just as much, choosing to wear his almost every day as well. 

anyway, today is the day! freshly picked is kindly giving one reader, one pair of their choice of moccasins. all you have to do is visit freshly picked and leave a comment on this post, letting us know which pair you would choose (these are gonna be claire's next pair). it's that easy! for an extra entry, follow me on instagram ( @laceyhorstthomas ) and leave an additional comment letting me know you do so. i'll select a winner this sunday, july 27. 

good luck!

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congrats kayla! you won your very own pair of freshly picked moccasins! i'll be in contact with you to figure out exactly which color and what size you would like. 

and thanks to EVERYONE else that took the time to enter. (ps. you should "like" freshly picked on Facebook or follow on instagram because sometimes there are pretty awesome deals going on. and lots of other giveaways. c;)

07.23.14 | 29/52

"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

landon: eating a cupcake on claire's birthday. the frosting is his favorite part.

claire: crawling around the house, putting landon's swim trunks up on her head like that's where they belong. 

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